Message from the CEO MERI Startup Hub

It is my proud privilege, to bring to you our Incubator-MERI Startup Hub and along with it, the vast amount of opportunities for our startups, entrepreneurs, and student innovators, for creating & co-creating the ecosystem!

Creating this 'Learning Enabling Platform' has been our Dream and making it happen has given us unbounded happiness...because 

'it is the learner who inherits the future, while the learned lives in a world, that no longer exists'!...observes Eric Hoffer.

I am a firm believer in the words of Eric Hoffer. I am & will always remain a Learner! 

We aspire to create a win-win for all our stakeholders, viz. the entrepreneur, MERI Startup Hub mentors, advisors, experts, investors, the corporate partner and the entire ecosystem!

This bridge i.e. our 'MERI Startup Hub' is fast gaining momentum in the innovation-incubation space, nationally & internationally, leveraged by the pertinent & timely support received from ACIR (Alliance for Commercialisation & Innovation Research, America), SIIC IITK (Incubator of IIT Kanpur), PUSA Krishi (Incubator of IARI Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Indian Council of Agricultural Research ICAR), also from corporate houses like ICICI Bank Limited, with advisors from the highest level of Government (retired IAS, Secretary to GOI), Board member of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Innovation Park IIMCIP, Senior Professors from IIM Ahmedabad, MD, Founders of multi million dollar companies in Canada & London.

We are privileged to have a great management team with Professor Lalit Aggarwal as Chairman, who is an academician to reckon with and Dr Deepshikha Kalra an icon in education space.

 I am very excited to bring out 'The Next Best Startup' from our MERI Startup Hub!


Anjali Nigam

Dr Anjali Nigam

CEO,MERI Startup Hub 


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